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Building Technology Department


            Our department is –

  • fundamentally teaching the construction equipment of Buildings and Bridges.
  • training to know the models of buildings with the different perspectives.
  • teaching the theoretical and practical work to be able to handle and correctly use the tools for masonry and carpentry work.
  • teaching to be able to measure the length, to survey the area and volume of a particular plot of land, and to drive in a stake for building.


“Vision and Mission of Formal Courses”

            The vision of our department is –

  • to produce the required Technicians, Intellectuals and Skilled workers for the national development and the development of the standard of living;
  • to expedite the training of technical and vocational Building Technology even at a High School Level.

Teachers from Building Technology Department


BT Department

4Daw Myat Thazin KhaingLaboratory Professional 5GTHS
1Daw Hnin Hnin Aung LecturerBE (Civil) Q
2Daw Akari Thaw ThawAssistant LecturerBE (Civil)
3Daw Mya Phoo Shwe Sin SheinAssistant LecturerBE (Civil) Q
BT Department

“The Fundamental Subjects to be Applied”

  1. Surveying

            This subject is taught to be able to apply and

  • to examine and survey the physical features of the land surface,
  • apply to construction of Roads, Railways and to drawing the topographic maps;
  • to establish the points by predetermined angular and linear measurements in construction site,
  • apply to calculating the area and volume of the particular plot of land, house building and urbanization;
  • survey and calculate the level of land-mass, landfill and the excavated land in construction of Roads, Railways and Dams;
  • to measure and draw the accurate horizontal projection of the area and the vertical distance,
  • apply to surveying the land surface, driving in a stake for building, the proposed route across a selected terrain which are essential for construction of roads, bridges and buildings.
  1. Drawing

            This subject is taught to be able to

  • know the models of buildings with the different perspectives,
  • draw the floor and foundation of single building which is built of bricks or RC,
  • draw the cross-section from roof to foundation of a building,
  • draw the outline of culvert, and
  • read the drawing specification.
  1. Building Materials and Construction

            By learning this subject, the students will be able to

  • know about the qualities of building materials,
  • apply in making Mortise Joints, various types of Brick Layering and Bar Bending by correctly using the equipment of Carpentry, Masonry and Bar Bending works.


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