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Electronic Technology Department


Our department is Electronics Department. Electronics Technology is the study of electrical and electronic components; Production of equipment and systems; Installation Testing Creativity; All industries, including housing and industry, are called electronics.


There are two types of departments: First year and Second year of basic electronics.

The purpose of the course is to help students understand the subject, learn about the subject's components, and get a better understanding of Basic Electronics and the subject.

In addition, to produce workers who can enter the workplace. It aims to provide lifelong learning opportunities and further education in higher education.


1U Aung Min Tun LecturerBE (Electronics)
2U Win Min Ko HtikeAssistant lectureBE (Electronics) Q
3Daw Myint Zu ThanAssistant lectureBE (Electronics) Q
4Daw Mya Chu NweAssistant lectureBE (Electronics) Q
5Daw Chit Zaw AyeAssistant lectureBE (Electronics) Q
6Daw Aye Aye ThwelAssistant lectureBE (Electronics) Q

Our department has been able to train Semi-skill workers who can repair their own home appliances, Real Skill workers who can enter the workforce, and Advance Skill trainers who can retake courses.

The first and second years have two subjects each.In the first year, there are two types: Basic Electronics and Basic Components.In the second year, there are two types: Apply Electronics and RC.

My department is tailored to local needs.

They have been able to work in home electrical installations, Electronics Service, Mobile Phone Service, Myanmar Post and Telecommunications, Myanmar Television News.

According to Dawei, employment opportunities and employment are about 50%. We hope that they can get more jobs and opportunities when Dawei has strong development, Increasing economic zones, more factories.

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