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Electrical Technology Department


            It is started to open the courses of Electrical Technology at Government Technical High School (Dawei) in 2009. There are Normal Courses and Short-term Training Courses in our department.



  • To produce the Skilled-workers for the electrical works and enterprises.

Teachers from Electrical Technology Department


1U Thu Ya Kyaw LecturerA.G.T.I (EP)
2U Htike Ko KoAssistant LecturerBE (EP) Q
3Daw Myo AyeAssistant LecturerBE (EP) Q
4Daw Khaing Nyein SoeAssistant LecturerBE (EP) Q
5Daw Han Ni KyawAssistant LecturerBE (EP) Q
6Daw Khin Phone ChaelTutorBE (EP)


For normal courses,

  • There are five main subjects in a two - year course. There are two semesters in a year.
  • It is training in 60 percent of the theoretical teaching and 40 percent of the practical work.
  • At the end of each year, the students have to go on 4 weeks of Job Training for the first year, and 10 weeks for the second year.
  • It will be produced the Skilled-workers with the theoretical and practical teaching.



For 1st year courses,

  1. Electrical Principles (ET – 101)
  2. Electrical Installation (ET – 102)
  3. Engineering Drawing (AT – 101)


  1. Electrical Principles

            In this subject, it is teaching the principles of basic electrical technology. They are how to use the Electrical Symbols, the Electrical Hand Tools and the Multi-Meter. Then, it is teaching how to read the Resistor color code and how to fit Series and Parallel circuits. Moreover, it is teaching how to repair and maintain Home Appliance.


  1. Electrical Installation

            In this subject, it is teaching the method of the electrical installation. They are the knowledge of Wire Sizing, Types of Circuit Breakers, Load Balance Calculation, and how to use Trunking and Conduit. Moreover, it must be studied how to fit the electrical accessories on wooden blocks and how to fix the electric bulbs and the fluorescent lamp or tube.

  1. Engineering Drawing

            In this subject, it is teaching to understand the principles of the first and third angle projection.


For 2nd year courses,

  1. Electrical Drives and Machines (ET – 201)
  2. Electrical Automatic and Control (ET – 202)


  1. Electrical Drives and Machines

            In this subject, it is teaching how to work the Electrical Machines and how to repair and maintain them. In addition, the students will be able to learn the types of Motors, Operation of Motors, Parts of Motors and Industrial Motor Control.

  1. Electrical Automatic and Control

            In this subject, it is teaching about the Transformer. The students will be able to learn the types of Transformers and Transformer Iron Cores, Transformer Rewinding, Calculation for Transformer and Making Formers.


“Job Opportunity”

            After finishing the two years course, 75 % of students are able to get the job in various fields.

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