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Auto Mechanics Technology Department

If you choose Auto Mechanics Technology Program in our school, you will get the knowledge that is needed to secure your future. If you want to be an automotive technician, you should apply Auto Mechanics Technology Program at first step.


            The course will take two years to complete. It has two semesters for each year. You will study the classroom learning about theory behind technology and to get the work experience related with engine and vehicle in workshop room.

            Auto Mechanics Technology Program contains the operation and servicing of various engines, basic vehicle maintenance, service and repair. You will study the following main course:

  1. Petrol Engine and Diesel Engine
  2. Auto Electric and Chassis
  3. Engineering Drawing


1Daw Zin Mar Aye LecturerME (Mechanical)
2U Maung MaungAssistant LecturerBE (Mechanical) Q
3U Soe Ko Ko AungAssistant LectureBE (Mechanical) Q


            Our department’s mission is to fulfill the technical skills for our students to achieve a valuable place in our country and the global community.


  1. Petrol Engine and Diesel Engine

This subject is teaching to know about the engine parts, type of engine, engine operation, maintenance, service and repair.


  1. Auto Electric and Chassis

                  This subject is studying to focus design, performance, electrical components, operation of automotive powertrain and vehicle systems. And then, it is studying about the fundamental principles of battery and motor which are how to integrate into a system.

  1. Engineering Drawing

This subject is teaching to gain basic principles of technical drawing, skills and knowledge handed-on sketching, drawing, lettering and dimensioning. Then, students can apply their sketching skills in creating drawings of machines and vehicles parts.

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